Dry docks arrangements and supervision

Dry docks arrangements and supervision

Our professional team at SIA "FMT SHIPMANAGEMENT" ensure that managers and ship owners can efficiently and effectively locate a dependable shipyard to handle routine vessel repairs, dry docking, renovations and adjustments.

With a combination of our expert planning, maintenance, and implementation, we augment the efficiency and predictability of dry docking. All vessels must be dry docks at least once in 5 years. A regular dry-docking process takes 10-14 days. Mismanagement of a dry dock results in the wastage of time and resources, and as a result, significant deficiencies remain undetected. We focus on working together with owners, providing extensive specifications and implementation of the process with strict adherence to the plan. By doing this, we provide cost-effective, premium quality services.

Advantages of a Committed Dry Docking Staff            

  1. Effect on shipyards
  • A central liaison point for shipyards management,
  • Positive effect on the expected result,
  • Cost-effective and time-efficient quotation,
  • Increased access to dock space.
  1. Sustained improvement
  • Functional database,
  • In-depth knowledge and experience to increase our customers’ performance metrics.
  1. Optimal distribution of resources
  • Minimizing time and resources spent by ship personnel during docking preparations,
  • Improving the time spent by fleet managers’ and vessel managers’ during dock preparations.
  1. Cost-effective docking services for customers
  • Reduction of unexpected expenses,
  • Increased predictability and efficiency,
  • Optimal docking supervision and management.
  1. Guaranteed credibility of services provided
  • Prompt and quality delivery of reports
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